Mont Dutson Comedy Hypnosis Shows in Salt Lake City Utah Upcoming Shows
Salt Lake City, Utah and Surrounding Areas
(Most Mont Dutson Hypnosis shows in Salt Lake City, Utah and other areas are private events and public not invited. Those marked with * are public and information can be had by contacting Mont Dutson Comedy Hypnosis Shows at

Mont Dutson 2015 Comedy Hypnosis Shows:

Jan. 9 Rogers & Sons Inc., Denver, Colorado
Jan. 17 Joel Cottam Group
Jan 31 Order of the Arrow Banquet
Feb 21 Hanks Post-Prom Party
March 20 East High Post-Prom Party
March 21 Private Birthday Party
March 21 Family Party
March 28 18th Birthday Party
April 18 Post-Prom Party
May 16 Post-Prom Party
May 20 Delta High School Sr. Grad Party (7th year!)
June 4 Bear River High School Sr. Grad Part
June 5 Wood River Grad Party, Hailey, Idaho (2nd Yr)

"Favorite Family Entertainer 2015"-Utah Family Magazine
5th year!